Licensing University: June 2014


Licensing University: June 2014

Elements of Successful Retail Presentations

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Know the objectives

  • For you and prospective partner – Launch new products, incremental sales, seasonal executions, events, differentiated offering, etc.

Obtain the right insights

  • Consumer – Planned or impulse purchase? Treat or need? Special occasion or every day? End user?
  • Retailer – Category data, sales history/trends, retail challenges, merchandising tactics
  • Marketplace – Overall category, seasonality, overall economy

Outline retailer benefits

  • What’s in it for them and why should they care

Ensure a well-coordinated effort

  • Timing, marketing support, ROI potential

Manage to a timeline (yours and partners’)

  • Presentations, production, resets

Establish success criteria and metricsTrack against them

  • Track against them