PPN Advantage

green personExperience where it matters

We’ve been on the selling floor and in buyer meetings. We have experience with contracts, product approvals, trademark clearances and all the details of the business of licensing. We have the experience to help you keep or get your program on track. Make smart decisions with our unbiased point of view.

Clients tell us one of our top skills is listening. We listen.  Then we deliver. Because we’re independent, our recommendations are objective and unbiased. We take a collaborative approach to developing customized strategies and practical tactics that are right for you. We have one agenda:  Giving you what you need. It’s that simple.

Meet deadlines with our efficient, effective delivery

We define goals with you and set clear benchmarks for meeting them. Our core team approach means we get jobs done with maximum efficiency – so you save time and can get your strategies executed faster.

Get maximum value for your budget.

Because we are a virtual company, our clients do not pay for large infrastructure and overhead. We can deliver maximum value for your budget. We only utilize the expertise of our network as required for your project. In some cases, we can amortize the costs of research and trade shows across multiple clients, so you benefit from greater breadth and depth of information without tapping your schedule or budget to send staff.

Customized to fit your needs.

We can – and do – work on retainer, on a project basis, or by actual hours spent managing your programs. Just tell us how you want to work together. We’ll customize a work plan that fits.

Get more than you expected.

We pride ourselves on surpassing your expectations.If we think additional tools, research, insights, templates or guidelines will strengthen your project’s success – you’ll get them.

Take action with specific, applicable information.

Our research is thorough, but we don’t blur the picture with extraneous details, or high-level theories. We provide specific information and observations you can apply now – and down the road.

Maximize opportunities with timely recommendations.

We deliver up-to-the-minute news about what’s happening in the marketplace, as well as strategic, tactical recommendations so you can maximize new opportunities the moment they’re identified.

Gain a broader business view that leads to real innovation.

We can research beyond your immediate category to provide insights from adjacent categories to help you drive innovation in your business.